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Speciale uitnodiging voor PvKO-leden! Virtual event: Organizational structure based on customer journeys @AXA Bank

Virtual Event CX P2P_2.jpgdinsdag 26 mei 2020 09:08

In 2017 the strategic goal of AXA Bank was to create a growth in 3 important customer segments. As strategic exercise this was easy to put on paper,  but how do you create customer & business responsibility and P&L thinking from all your employees within those goals? Peter Devlies decided to transform the functionally organized structure into a customer journey based organization where multidisciplined teams developed a successful new way of working since than.

  • How do you set this up?
  • Who gets mandate to lead?
  • Which are the used KPI’s?
  • What are the do’s and don’t in this kind of transformation?

Peter Devlies, CEO,  will share his story and is happy to address all your questions afterwards.

Praktische informatie

Onderwerp: Organizational structure based on customer journeys @AXA Bank

Spreker: Peter Devlies, CEO

Datum: 2 juni van 17.00 - 18.00 uur

Prijs: gratis - online

Inschrijving via deze link!

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