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Virtual event: Optichannel customer service @Partena Ziekenfonds (CX P2P)

Virtual Event 2 CX P2P_2.jpgdonderdag 25 juni 2020 09:00

In the past two years, the customer service department of Partena Ziekenfonds implemented a multi-channel approach with success. During this online CXP2P session, you will learn:
  • Which customer channels work best for which customer types and interactions,
  • How the transition from telephone to multiple channels impacted interaction volumes and customer satisfaction,
  • How to re-organise your customer services processes,
  • How to re-organise and coach your customer service team
Bram Hostyn, Customer Service and Channel Strategy Manager at Partena Ziekenfonds will share his story and is happy to address your questions afterwards.
Praktische informatie
Onderwerp:  Optichannel customer service @Partena Ziekenfonds

Spreker: Bram Hostyn, Customer Service and Channel Strategy Manager

Datum: 25 juni 2020
Tijd: 11.30 - 12.30 uur
Prijs: gratis - online

Inschrijving kan via deze link!

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